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The future of equity crowdfunding

I’ve been reflecting on the future of equity crowdfunding a lot in the last few days. I am absolutely fascinated by the industry, and a combination of events meant that I had put this blog post together: Seedrs launched a convertible round yesterday (7 Oct ’19), revealing a lot of their future strategy I had […]

Some of the best equity crowdfunding videos (at least in my opinion)

I often get asked what are the best equity crowdfunding videos. It’s not just a matter of great production, script or witty remarks. It’s about thinking with the investor’s mind and convince them that putting money in your company is worth the risk. So I have compiled a list of videos that do the job […]

The benefits of Equity Crowdfunding

You might be thinking that crowdfunding is a complex and lengthy process. And after all, the only benefit of equity crowdfunding is the money, right? Wrong! there are many other benefits and that’s why I would encourage every single start-up to consider this modality of financing. Let’s review them all we review them in this […]