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Crowdfunding and other types of finance

I am quite biased towards crowdfunding. It’s a fact. I love it! But it’s not always the best solution to fund an idea, project or company, as we discussed in the post When not to do a crowdfunding campaign. In this article, we’ll look at other types of finance that you should definitely explore before […]

When not to do a crowdfunding campaign

In this flash post, we’ll discuss the points that might make you reconsider your idea of launching your crowdfunding campaign. We’ll also offer some ways to mitigate those weaknesses. If you can’t overcome the weaknesses, perhaps it’s time to look for alternative sources of finance. We’ll discuss them in our next blog post. When not […]

Video for equity crowdfunding: 11 tips

In this flash blog post, I’ll cover a few tips on how to put together an effective video for equity crowdfunding. In future posts, I will develop some of the ideas. So here’s what you should consider for your video: You can’t go live without a video. None of the main platforms will let you! […]