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About you
  • You're an ambitious purpose-driven entrepreneur.
  • You have an idea and you want to bring it to the world.
  • Or perhaps you're past the idea stage and just needs the money to make your company grow.
  • You need funding but you're really busy making a better world.

About me
  • I am an experienced crowdfunding consultant. I can help you raise money through crowdfunding.
  • I have already helped 6 organisations raise over £770k, both via rewards and equity crowdfunding.
  • I have over 14 years of marketing experience. I can help you winning the hearts of your potential backers and investors.
  • I can't wait to hear from you and enable your purpose-driven business through crowdfunding.
Working together
  • Through a rigorous process, I will guide you on each step of your crowdfunding campaign.
  • If all of this sounds good, don't hesitate to get in touch. Check my services or fill in my contact form.

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On Monday the 5th of October 2020, we woke up with the news of Seedrs and Crowdcube merger. The two biggest equity crowdfunding platform in Europe are becoming one… The rumours had been on Twitter for quite a while, but I had refused to believe them! Unless the Competition & Markets Authority (CMA) stops the […]

The visual description rule of crowdfunding

The rule of the visual description is one of the 20 golden rules of crowdfunding. It tells us how to build a good description for your crowdfunding campaign. This is a key element to communicate the reasons to convince visitors to turn into backers. As we’ll see, there are three key elements to design a […]

The 1-3 rule of crowdfunding

The 1-3 rule of crowdfunding is one of the 20 golden rules of crowdfunding. If you thought crowdfunding was easy, you might change your opinion after reading this article. However, don’t despair. With good planning and the right kind of work, nothing is impossible. What is the 1-3 rule of crowdfunding about? The 1-3 rule […]