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The benefits of Equity Crowdfunding

You might be thinking that crowdfunding is a complex and lengthy process. And after all, the only benefit of equity crowdfunding is the money, right? Wrong! there are many other benefits and that’s why I would encourage every single start-up to consider this modality of financing. Let’s review them all we review them in this […]

Equity crowdfunding for Cocoro: 5 things I learned

I had the immense pleasure to work with Cocoro in their recent Equity Crowdfunding round. The campaign was a resounding success, and I wanted to share my key learnings from it. but first… …a bit of background Cocoro designs and sells pants that absorb menstruation, vaginal flux and small urine losses. With an amazing range […]

Personal branding for equity crowdfunding

In a previous article, I covered the importance of your company and product (or service) branding. It’s now time to take a look at personal branding for equity crowdfunding. Investors invest in people Investors understand that it’s very likely you’ll need to pivot your business model. It’s crucial for them to see that the team […]